A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

About The Suttons


Where to start?!?!

We are the Sutton’s… Daddy (Adam), Mommy (Renee), Myles (2 y/o), and soon to be Baby Sutton! Baby is due on December 11th, 2017 and we could not be more excited! ❤️


Can’t forget our first ever baby, Bella. Just because she is super hairy does not mean we don’t love her the same! She is about 8 years old this year, but still lives just like a pup. When she was merely 5 weeks old, Adam’s cousin rescued her from some bar rats truck where she was living and being fed ribs and hot dogs from the bars.


Daddy works full time as a diesel mechanic. He works on school buses at a bus garage in the area. Mommy also works full time as a 911 dispatcher at the local sheriff’s department. Our family has been generous and loving enough to watch Myles while Mommy and Daddy are both at work so he has not experienced day care yet.


Deciding to blog has been a difficult task. So many things thoughts run through your head. What can we blog about? What if I run out of fun things to write about? Is our life really that interesting? Do we want our personal life in the open? Who will read our blog? And so so much more!! At first, Adam was against it but I’m hoping as we experience this journey together he comes around and realizes it’s documenting memories as well as helping others through parenting struggles, cooking adventures, marriage hiccups, etc. Moreover, a ton of people have asked for Myles shenanigans to be documented in a blog so they can read about them!!


Us mommies are constantly busy, am I right? But hey, why not add one more thing to my plate, huh? NAHHHH I’m looking at this as an experience, a hobby, something to get my mind off the day to day monotony of life. This will not be another chore for me! I will have fun and hope to interact with you all soon ❤️



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