A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Baby Names? (20 Weeks Pregnant)

Baby Names? (20 Weeks Pregnant)

We are half way through! Baby is about the size of a banana, and man oh man, is she active! I had my monthly checkup which also consisted of a re-ultrasound because little girl was SO hyper the first anatomy scan that the tech had a difficult time photographing her spine and heart. This round went much better <3 This tech confirmed she is in fact a girl as well!


With that being said, I have been actively working on designing the nursery, Adam has been completely redoing the camper as well as completely reconstructing his truck bed. During this we have been working our normal schedules and still trying to have a normal life. Baby names have been thrown around a little bit, here and there but nothing set in stone. When we were pregnant with Myles, his name was super easy for us to choose. Adam and I had been searching online and reading names off to one another that we liked. When Adam said “Myles” I felt it. That was it. We never explored baby names again. Until now.


When we found out we were pregnant again this time around I sent Adam a small list that I had come up with and got no response. I was concerned that he didn’t like any of the names I did. This round was not going to be the same as last… My first list consisted of the following names in no particular order:

Charlotte (Charlie)

When I brought names up again, he said he did like Olivia because it had family meaning with his Great Grandmother’s name being Olive.


Myles’s suggestions have been:

Ellie (the name of his elephant)

Other than liking Olivia, Adam’s only suggestion has been Zoey, which reminded me of a dog.  I have been really hung up on Charlie and Makayla. Myles won’t be happy with anything other than Ellie/Ally I don’t think.


Hopefully, when things settle down around the house, Adam and I will have a little bit of down time to actually browse and talk about names. For now, here is to baby girl being named “Mommy” -_-


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