A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Boy or Girl? (18 Weeks Pregnant)

Boy or Girl? (18 Weeks Pregnant)



I had my 18 week checkup this past week and then anatomy scan today! We have been very anxiously awaiting this!

At my checkup, baby’s heart beat had dropped to 142 which solidified my thoughts of it being a boy even more. My midwife was so funny as we talked about all the different wives tales I’ve tried. She is excited to find out too as she doesn’t believe in all the “nonsense”.

Last month I forgot to include that I had only gained 1 lb since getting pregnant. This time however, I have gained 7 lbs. My midwife told me not to stress it as most pregnant women have gained 15 lbs total by 20 weeks. Also, I gained a lot more than this with Myles so I really wasn’t worried too much about it.

Getting ready to head to the ultrasound today was very nerve wrecking… I ended up leaving early because I just wanted to get there! Good thing I did because as I pulled into the car wash, they were closed so I had to turn around and wait to pull back out into traffic. Then I stopped at Tim Hortons and the line was so long I ended up pulling back out instead of waiting. Finally, Starbucks won my business and I was able to get my coffee. YAY!

As we pull into the office, we are only about 10 minutes early (Which is normal for me. I prefer to be early). Myles and I head up to the suite. He loves the elevators and makes me laugh every time! He has jump as though he is in the Olympics doing a long jump on the track, just to get over the small elevator crack. Not long after we sign in, my mom walks in, followed shortly after by Adam.

We get called back to the room and I’m sooooooooo excited!

Little baby is extremely active. So active that the ultrasound tech had a difficult time getting all the pictures needed! It ended up taking 40-45 minutes just to get everything. Perhaps that half cup of coffee was not such a great idea…




Scroll Down













Keep Scrolling








































It’s a Girl!!!!!




Myles basically acted like we were nuts when we were all surprised, excited, emotional, etc. He has been telling us all along it is a girl, after all. Adam is excited but I think he is nervous too.

Grandma Sutton said she has been buying girl fabric for a while, and now she knows why! Papa Baruth told Adam “Life as you’ve known it has changed forever!” LOL

I’m excited to buy all the bows and ruffles I see! Even more than that though, to decorate the nursery!!!!!!! For those of you who know me, you know how much of a Pinterest freak I am… This nursery is going to be my baby… until my baby comes, that is.













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