A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Charlotte Has Arrived

Charlotte Has Arrived

Baby girl is here!!! She was born December 11th, 2017 at 9:54 am. She weighed 8 lbs 13 oz and her length was 20.5 inches. Although I was hoping to try a VBAC, it didn’t work out that way and she arrived via repeat c-section.


Going into another cesarean I had many feelings. I thought I knew what it was going to be like since I had experienced it once before. I was excited that it was not going to be as heart wrenching and scary as it was with Myles.

We arrived at the hospital at 7:15 am and registered real quick. The employee registering me asked a few questions such as “have you been out of the country in the past month?” And “I show your emergency contacts as Adam and Dawn. Is that still correct?” My smart butt husband of course states “who’s Adam?!?” As he gives me a fake look as if I put someone on my emergency contact list that wasn’t him 🙄😂

Once we are done registering, we take the elevator to the third floor where we wait only a few minutes in the waiting room before taken back to triage. In triage they measure my contractions, which were non existent, and baby girls heart rate. The nurse put my iv in, asked me about ONE MILLION questions, and family started arriving to the waiting room. Adam brought Myles back but he really didn’t want to be back there with me. I think the setting of the hospital and me being all hooked up may have freaked him out a little bit. Finally, 9:15 rolled around and I knew we would get started soon.

The dr came in and said she was ready so we walked back to the operating room. On the way back, we dropped Adam off at a chair in the hallway where he was to wait for someone to come get him. That is a terrible feeling. Leaving your support system behind and having to face something on your own?!? My inner me started crying and begging to allow him to come but I gave him a smooch and kept walking.

Once we got in the operating room, everything got a little hazy. Lots of people running around. Counting of the surgery tools, questions being asked to me and to other nurses. The doctor talking to me but I don’t remember a word she said because I could only think about what the spinal would feel like. With Myles I never felt a thing, but I believe that is because my adrenaline had been pumping so hard and I had labored with Pitocin for 7 hours before finally getting it so no other pain was even comparable to that of the contractions.

All of the sudden they are telling me the spinal is done and I come back to earth. I realize that the doctor is gently caressing my hand while singing to me. The nurse says “we are going to lay you back real quick because everything is going to go numb and the medicine works with gravity. ” Immediately following the sheet went up, and any time anyone touched me anywhere on my body I tingled! Next thing I know, they are cutting my stomach open. I can hear it but can’t feel it. And I realize Adam is not in the room yet. MINOR INTERNAL FREAK OUT.

Phew. Okay the nurse is on the way to get him right now. He walks in and I hear her asking for his wrist to put the hospital band on, trying to also distract him from my stomach that is open at this point as he walks to my head.

My heart is racing. I start to think I’m going to get sick again like I did with Myles. The nurse put something under my nose to help with the nausea. They had already pushed all the anti-nausea meds they could through my IV. After that, I started having some difficulty breathing. At this point, I really have no idea how much time has passed. It feels like they should have this baby out of me by now but yet time is still flying by as there is so much going on in the room. I’m still trying to focus on my breathing.

All of the sudden, the drs (yes, I had two doctors doing the surgery) tell me that she doesn’t want to come out. About a minute after they tell me that, they said something that registered to me as ‘brace yourself. We need to get her outta you.’ In that moment I went from difficulty breathing to not breathing. On the other side of the curtain, it felt as though there were 10 elephants on my chest/abdomen. Come to find out, she was stuck. They were having a tough time getting her through the hole because she was such a big baby!

Finally, she was out!!!! I hear the doctors congratulations what feels like FOREVER before at last hearing her screams and starting the water works! The doctors told me it was her chubby cheeks that were stuck and mentioned that they were sweating just trying to get her out.

They got her over to the warming table to measure, take foot prints, etc. I sent Adam over to take pictures while they closed me up.

Waiting and waiting for him to come back, Adam brought her over to me to meet my youngest baby for the first time ❤️❤️ I never thought it would be possible to love anything or anyone the way I already loved Myles… until I saw her. We are blessed!

Adam and Charlotte went to the recovery room while the doctors finished up with me and rolled me into the stretcher to be moved from the operating room. I just couldn’t wait to get in there with them and get her on my chest, skin to skin, and get her to latch!

Charlie latched well, and was so calm. It seemed we were in recovery longer than we were with Myles but then again we had visitors while in recovery the first time. This time around there was another mommy in recovery with us so they didn’t really want to bring anyone back. Adam did get to bring Myles back to meet his sister after what felt like forever. He wasn’t super interested. Not in a bad way but I think he was still confused why I was hooked up to all the cords and monitors. When he got back to the lobby, I guess he said to the rest of the family ” You guys wanna meet my baby sister???” From what they say, he was SO excited!

After about two hours in recovery, we started preparing to move to the postpartum room. I had three chest leads on that needed taken off. One was underneath my left breast so the nurse, who was standing on my right side, asked if I was able to reach it and take it off. As soon as my right hand crossed over my body and touched the lead, I got violently ill. Luckily, I was able to hold in my vomit until she was able to grab a bucket. I threw up all of the ice chips that Adam had been feeding me since surgery that had now turned into water and stomach bile. Once there was nothing left in my stomach we started moving. We went right past the waiting room where all the family was waiting to see the new addition…

Once we get back to the room, I get sick again. And again. There is literally NOTHING in my stomach at this point. Thank God I’m still numb at my incision site. Adam asks who I want to come back first. I tell him, “everyone?” Lol I look to the nurse and say, “that’s probably not allowed, huh?”

“Oh yes it is” she says. So the majority of the family came back together. My brother and his girlfriend, my best friend, and another of my great friends who is also our photographer came back after a few family members left for lunch.

I continued to get sick all day and didn’t have much to eat or drink until late at night when my nurse brought me a plain bagel with cream cheese that I basically had to eat a bite each 10 min or so to make sure I wasn’t going to toss that up too! Both sets of my grandparents came to meet Charlie as well as my Aunt and Uncle, and our cousins.

She also had her first bath that night.

She hated it.

The second day in the hospital, Tuesday, went by quite quickly. Adam’s family came back first thing in the morning, with my parents and Myles to follow. Such a proud big brother ❤️

That night, Charlotte was weighing at 7% less than her birth weight. The nurses said it was normal and nothing to worry about but that we would re-weigh her in the morning to make sure she hadn’t lost too much by the time we were discharged. When they weighed her Wednesday morning, she had lost 9.7%. Ten percent would have caused us to stay for further observation. I still thank God to this day for allowing us to go home on Wednesday as there was a HUGE snowstorm that began Wednesday afternoon and didn’t end until Thursday evening.

Adam and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for all the visits, gifts, calls, texts, and well wishes. It means so much to us to have such an amazing support system! We are extremely excited to have another addition to our family. Charlie is healthy, happy, and perfect!



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