A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Goldfish Customer Appreciation Week

Goldfish Customer Appreciation Week



Goldfish Swim School is ALWAYS thinking of their little swimmers! They just rounded out their customer appreciation week where they continued to make us feel more and more welcome!


On their Facebook page, they hosted a daily giveaway that included towels, goggles, free swims, plush toys, awesome bags, Frisbee, hats, coffee cups, and even gift cards! The last day they even gave away a free MONTH of lessons for not only your little one but for a friend as well!!!




On top of everything they gave away on their Facebook, we were blown away by the amount of freebies and giveaways in house as well! As we checked in for the day using our handy-dandy key tag, we were offered free coffee. Fancy flavored creamer and everything!!!




While swimming, Myles was given a rubber “fishy” aka Bubbles! He LOVES Bubbles so he was extremely excited to find out he got his own to bring home with him.




Once we were dried off and changed after swimming, we headed back out to the lobby where we entered another giveaway, for a free swim party. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but the thought was just as fun and exciting!





On our way out we made sure to grab a piece of candy and a free balloon too <3 Of course it HAD to be a blue sucker and a blue balloon lol.




This place is seriously the best! Myles is starting to pick up on the techniques and is becoming more comfortable with the water. We owe it all to Goldfish!!
This post sponsored by Goldfish Swim School

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