A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

How to Make LED Stick Figure Costume

How to Make LED Stick Figure Costume

Those of you who know me know that I can never do anything the easy way… EVERYTHING must be complicated. I despise store bought Halloween costumes. They are always so poorly made with cheap materials and cost an arm and a leg. Instead, I prefer to be original and make a custom costume.


Being pretty far along in my pregnancy this year, I wanted to make something that wouldn’t be too time consuming or very expensive. We decided that being an LED stick figure family was the way we wanted to go… So much for being something easy…


First, I ordered the LED strip lights from Amazon… you can find them here. They come with remote controls and run off a battery pack (3 AA). Originally, I bought 5 of them thinking that Adam and I would each use 2 and Myles would get away with one. This, my friends, is how a pregnant woman thinks…. or lack there of. I’ll explain further later.


I also ordered some “fairy string lights” to use for my hair.


Next, I tried to find some plain black sweatsuits. You will never believe how difficult that task can be!!!! Finally, I found some on Hanes.com. I ordered all three of us hoodies and Adam a pair of sweatpants. I figured I would use a pair of plain black leggings I already had and Myles had multiple pairs of black sweatpants already too. Remember, we are trying to keep the cost down here.


The lights all come in the mail within a couple days (thank you Amazon Prime!). The clothing, however, not so much. I was waiting for over a month for all the sweatshirts to come in. Finally once they arrived, I got to work. I started with mine because I figured it was not only the most labor intensive, but also if I screwed up, I would be the one who looked ridiculous and not the boys.


I started by placing a 12″ wooden embroidery hoop inside the hood with hot glue.





After the wooden ring was in place, I used the fairy lights to make my hair. I cut a very small hole in the top of the hoodie near the front of my face and threaded the lights through, allowing the battery packs to hang into the hood. I used hot glue to secure 3 to the right and 3 to the left side of my head.








Next, I used the light strips to go around the face and down the center of the abdomen. Unfortunately, the light strips did not bend as expected and quickly popped off the wooden ring using both the adhesive already on the light strip AND with hot glue. I ended up purchasing black yarn and a pack of large needles and sewing it to the hood/wooden ring. **I have never sewn in my life so don’t make fun!**




I took a break for a couple days, I think, because it was very stressful trying to get it to stay the way I wanted it to… You know that feeling when you expect something to be simple and it just does NOT happen that way? This was the beginning of that feeling!


I added another strip of lights from one sleeve to the next, making sure to put the battery pack on the left sleeve since we would be bowling in these costumes and I didn’t want the batteries weighing down my right arm. Then, I added a little stick figure to my belly with glow in the dark fabric paint.




I did the same thing with Adam and Myles’s shirts (minus the hair and the baby in the belly). The pants only took one strand for each person. I started with the battery pack at the bottom of one leg (again left for us) and bent it at the top of the pant to go down the other leg.


Lastly, take spare fabric (I used one of Myles’ old t-shirts that he grew out of) and sew pockets into the inside of the costume to hold the battery packs. This was the most challenging part for me I think. Perhaps, if you haven’t started your costume yet, maybe sew them in first so that you can turn the clothing inside out to make it easier.




I highly HIGHLY recommend sewing ALL of the strand lights to your costume not just the head piece. Once you get moving around, they will start to fall off and hang. Your stick figure will either look lumpy or highly intoxicated as it flops all over while you walk.







I forgot to mention that the lights can change color… white, blue, pink, green, purple, red, pretty much whatever your little heart desires. Myles is obsessed with blue. Thus why all of his pictures are of him being blue. His cousins had a blast changing his colors though <3








Questions? Comments? We would love to hear them!! Leave us some down below =)

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