A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Myles is Moving on Up!

Myles is Moving on Up!

This post has taken me a couple weeks to start, and it’s not just because we’ve been extremely busy at home. As my Facebook friends may remember, Myles has some seperation anxiety issues. We saw that when we tried to start him in a toddler program a little too early this past year. He could not adjust to me leaving him every morning, even after we cut him down to half days. Now, our quickly growing toddler has moved up levels in his swim classes. The new class involves Myles being in the pool without Adam or me. It is just him, a couple other kids, and the instructor. This is an issue for our child.

While at Goldfish Swim School one day, the instructor approached Adam and stated that Myles was to the point that he should move up to the next level now. Adam repeated that to me when he got out of the pool but didn’t have any further information so I approached to the manager at the desk. She explained to me that three year olds are in the Junior 1 class, which was the next level up from where we were at. Although Myles is not quite three yet, he has made such a great improvement and achieved all of his goals that he was ready to be moved up.

After my discussion with manager Krissy, she walked me down to the other end of the pool where the Junior 1 class was being held. We talked about Myles’s fears and she assured me that it was common and that the instructors are well versed handling the uncomfortable children. We decided to schedule a makeup class we had on our account as a, so to say, trial class.

A few days later, we came back to see how Myles was going to handle being in the pool without mommy or daddy. I was FOR SURE way more nervous than he as we entered the building, only because I knew what was about to happen. We had discussed it with him but I don’t think he fully comprehended what we had told him.

Daddy took him into the pool area and instantly I think he realized “oh no! This is not happening!” Because this is the face we got…




However, let me just tell you guys… Goldfish Swim School is so amazing! Not only did the instructors take the first 5-10 minutes of the 30 minute class talking with Myles outside of the pool, trying to make him comfortable getting into the water without his comfort peeps (aka parents).

That’s Adam crouched down with an instructor and Myles is hiding behind the wall. Once they coaxed him into the water, the instructor stayed one on one with him and held him the entire time even though she was not supposed to be the instructor for that class for the day. It really showed me how far this establishment goes to make the kids comfortable in the water. I spoke with Krissy after class and she explained they see his reaction all the time and it normally goes away by the third class.

The next week, we showed up and again went through the same thing but his anxiety didn’t last the entire class. He got one on one treatment like the week before. There was a point in time where he stopped being upset and followed instructions that were given by his teacher.

The parents outside observing with us thought it was so adorable. You know, the laughable kind of cute. They kept gooing and gahing all while chuckling and making the “poor baby” face towards us. Lol 😂 After class was over, Myles received a “Horray! You did great today!” Ribbon.

<< e third week, the instructor was sure to introduce Myles to his actual instructor and try to help the transition go more smooth. He was still upset about half of the class, but made quite an improvement. << is week was his fourth session in the Junior 1 class. Myles cried for about five minutes in the beginning of class. He was upset throughout the entire 30 minute session, but didn't cry the entire time and actually did most of the exercises! We are making great strides again and I'm so excited! Can you imagine if this helped his separation anxiety on top of learning to swim?!? A dream come true! 😜 Thank you Goldfish for everything you’ve done for us so far!! We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for us!



This post brought to you by Goldfish Swim School!!

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