A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Myles Shennanigans

Myles Shennanigans

1. “Mommy and Daddy lock me in a cage to sleep…” (don’t call CPS, this is not the case lol)

2. Myles asking ONE MILLION questions while watching Mommy pump for the first time. “Milk for the baby?”, “For baby sister?”, “Baby sister drink your milk?”


3. Myles – *farts* “Excuse you, Mommy”

Mommy – “Excuse me?!?”

Myles – “That’s disgusting!!!”

4. I walked into the living room to find Myles rubbing a pop tart all over his face… why? I have no idea…

5. While talking on the phone with my mom Dawn, I say proudly, “no accidents so far today!!” 👍👍

Me yelling to the living room: “Myles do you need to go poop?”💩

Myles: “no!”

Me: “okay make sure you tell me so we can go on the big boy potty”🚽

Mom: “that’s great!!”

*exit my bedroom into the living room*

Myles: “look,Mom!”

Me: “did you just pee on the floor?!?”

Myles laughing: “yup!”

Not cool kid! oh but wait it gets better…

*walk to kitchen to gather cleaning supplies*

*enter back into living room to clean up urine*

Myles: “look Mom look!!”

Me: “OH MY GOSH!! Mom, he just pooped on the floor!” “Myles did you do that?!?”

Myles again laughing: “yup!”

*Walk away to grab more cleaning supplies, complaining to my mom in disbelief!!*

Me: “Mom, I don’t even know how that came out of him! It’s huge!!”

Myles proudly: “it came outta my butt!”

Potty training is fun!! 🙄🙄

6. Since when do 2 year olds skip all other ages and go straight to teenager?!?! I was cleaning the kitchen when all of the sudden the house got really quiet 🤫 So I began my search… behind the couch, nope. In my closet, nope. In the pantry, nope. None of his normal hiding spots. I start to get a little concerned while yelling his name and getting no response 😕 Finally, I head upstairs where I see his bedroom door is closed (he only ever goes in his room to sleep and get dressed). As I open the door, there he is watching movies on his tablet and yells at me, “Mom, you can’t come in here!!!!!!” 🙈😒 yeah okay kid… cause YOU rule the roost…


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