A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

One Good Deed A Day, Keep’s the Negativity Away

One Good Deed A Day, Keep’s the Negativity Away

We all talk about doing good deeds and paying it forward. Can you imagine a world where every single person did ONE good deed a day? Just one. Society would be so much happier and less self-centered. Not only will doing good deeds help others, but it will help you as a human as well. Realizing you don’t need to be rewarded or even acknowledged for everything you do will help ground you.

I had decided that I was going to try to pay it forward or do a good deed every day for a month straight. I missed quite a few days but some of the following were done more than once. Below is a list of what we accomplished, along with some other ideas that you may find helpful:

1. Giving tim bits to our Clicklist Employees

Myles and I Clicklist on average three times a month. It is easier for me than to take him in and he gets into everything. Plus with how busy we are, it saves a ton of time for other activities and chores. Kroger Clicklist employees are not allowed to accept tips so we decided to take them a pack of 20 tim bits from Tim Hortons each time we go. At first, they thought I may be a weirdo. Then they called me the “Tim Hortons lady”. This time, I asked if there was something else they would rather have for breakfast. Next time we will be taking them McDonalds sandwiches.


2. Take time to wish all your Facebook friends a happy birthday

You won’t often catch me throwing a happy birthday out on anyone’s wall. It’s not that I am too good to take the time out to do it, I just feel like the happy birthday fb posts have turned into something very impersonal. Even though I am not close with all the people whose birthday was today, I took the few minutes to type out nice birthday messages to each and every one of them.


3. Send flowers just because

I have a family member who has been a little stressed. Nothing they can’t handle, but enough that they could use a pick me up. So I sent her flowers. At first, I was not going to put who they are from because the point of sending them was not for recognition, but I assumed they would be viewed as creepy and probably not appreciated as much had she not known who they were from.


4. Let someone cross in front of your car

Today, I was pulling into McDonalds to get a 6 pc chicken nugget before work (one of my pregnancy cravings), when an elderly couple was just shutting their car doors to enter the building. I could have easily drove right through and not worry about hitting them, but instead I took the couple of seconds to stop and allow them to cross. I smiled politely and waved them on. Technically they have the right of way anyway!


5. Donate to a good cause

The sheriff’s dept is hosting an event this year called “Badges and Backpacks”. This is the first year they are putting the fundraiser on and are asking us employees to contribute. Instead of just buying a few things myself, I decided to share on Facebook as well to see if perhaps my friends and family would assist too. Helping children who don’t have the basic necessities to go to school is a great cause!



6. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you

While picking up a coffee on my way to work one day, I saw an opportunity to pay it forward. It was especially nice, but unexpected, when I pulled up to the intersection after leaving and the car that was behind me pulled up next to me. The two women inside honked and made sure to honk and wave to thank me.


7. Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter

Myles, my sister, and I decided one day to take a tote overflowing with old towels down to the animal shelter. The tote had been sitting in the basement for years so I figured this would be the perfect use for them!


8. Leave a big tip

While having lunch out one day, I decided it would be a great time for us to pay it forward! We left a generous tip for good service. Perhaps its is not as much as I would have liked to leave to make a point, but do whatever you can <3


9. Smile at someone

This one is simple. It doesn’t cost you a thing! All you have to do is smile… if you really want to out do yourself, simply say hi =) I promise smiling is contagious! While out and about one day, I encountered a momma who seemed extremely agitated with her day. I made sure to make eye contact and smile with her. Guess what, she smiled back!

10. Give extra to a friend having a rough day

At my job, there is an EXTREME amount of overtime right now causing my coworkers and I to be forced to be away from our families, loose out on major sleep, and miss out on plans we had made. There were SIX people from day shift ordered to stay for afternoon shift the other day. So instead of working until 3 pm, they were forced to stay until 11 pm. I work afternoon shift, so on my way in I grabbed those who wanted coffee, coffee, and also grabbed a dozen donuts for them as well. It doesn’t make it better but hopefully it helped a little bit.


11. Leave change on vending machine

I left a dollar on the vending machine at work for someone else to enjoy a free snack =)


12. Reach out to an old friend

I actually tried this and failed. I have a friend who has always been a “ride-or-die” to me and I to her. I would do ANYTHING for this woman. I haven’t seen or talked to her since she had a very unfortunate event occur in her life a few months back. So I tried to reach out but I believe her phone number has changed. I will be attempting to make contact with her at her work next.

Here are some others you could try! We probably still will in due time!

13.Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked cookies or treats!

14. Place a positive body image notes in jean pockets at a department store.

15. Leave a box of goodies in your mailbox for your mail carrier.

16. Let someone cut in front of you in line.

17. Help someone being affected by the hurricanes, offer up a place to stay.

If you have other ideas, please post them below!! I would love to continue this <3 Pass on the positivity!

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