A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Swimming Lessons to Boost Child’s Self Confidence 🏊🏻‍♂️ BIG GIVEAWAY!!! 🏊🏻‍♂️

Swimming Lessons to Boost Child’s Self Confidence 🏊🏻‍♂️ BIG GIVEAWAY!!! 🏊🏻‍♂️

It has been approximately 4 months since we started swim lessons with Goldfish Swim School in Macomb, MI. We originally had a blogging contract for 3 months and being our first contract since starting this adventure, we weren’t sure what to expect after the 3 months. Thank God that Goldfish decided to renew our contract! Here’s why…

About 2 months into our lessons, Myles started regress. He would get upset, not listen to prompts or participate in the water. I started to get discouraged too, and thought maybe this wasn’t for us, but decided to stick it out as we “only had a month left”. Man oh man, am I so so glad that we did because what a complete 180 he did within that last month of our first contract! Now he is jumping in on his own and tells me to “go further” when jumping to me! Myles will even participate in the drills with his instructor instead of me or Daddy… totally not like him.

Never did I think this day would come but I can see the difference in his swimming and his confidence inside the pool. However, the greatest part of it all, is that his confidence is growing outside the pool as well. In the tub he now blows bubbles and leans his head back to wash his hair. These are tasks that he had serious issues with before.

Today, Myles received his first progress report today!!!!! He has two tasks that he is still working on and then he will be moved up to the next class!! What an amazing turn around!

I’m now even more excited for our trip to Florida in February because he can swim in the pool and won’t be clinging to our hips the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, he is not swimming on his own yet, but he does have the basic “kick and pull” skills down so with floaties on he would have a BLAST swimming on his own!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Since we are talking about swim lessons, we have the perfect holiday gift idea for you and are sooooo excited to give away a Goldfish Swim School holiday package to one lucky subscriber! These packages are fun to open and a wonderful way to give the gift of experience and water safety. The giveaway includes:

  • Two months of swim lessons
  • Waived registration fee
  • Family swim passes
  • Winter hat
  • Water bottle


Here is how YOU can win:

  1. Comment on this post to tell us how you and your family exchange gifts. Do you do a name-draw exchange or purchase a gift for everyone?

  2. Make sure you are a subscriber to our blog here at www.simplysuttons.com

The holiday gift packages start at $193. You can pick up a package by visiting your nearest Metro Detroit Goldfish Swim School or online HERE. The participating Metro Detroit locations include:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Birmingham
  • Canton
  • Clarkston
  • Farmington Hills
  • Macomb
  • Rochester

The winner will be chosen Thursday November 30th and will be announced on this blog post, along with on Facebook and Instagram. If you are the chosen winner, you will be required to pick your package up at the Macomb location, however the lessons and swim can be redeemed at any of the above schools. This post brought to you by Goldfish Swim School.

Good Luck!

108 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons to Boost Child’s Self Confidence 🏊🏻‍♂️ BIG GIVEAWAY!!! 🏊🏻‍♂️”

  • We as parents buy gifts for each one of our children and grandchildren, children now drawl names for each other but they still buy for each one of the nieces and nephews By the way I love reading all your post about swimming,cooking and anything things else.

  • With our family being sooo big we dont buy for everyone. But I have always bought for my sister and brother and then my daddy. And Jason just really does his mom and then takes his nephews out to dinner just to spend some time. We also don’t see everyone for Christmas. So maybe if we did then we would probably do a secret santa gift exchange. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Renee and family!

  • We have 13 neices and nephews in our family so instead of buying little gifts for each one we started pooling everyones money in together. This way as a family we can get the kids one large gift. I have one child so i draw a name for one of the neices and nephews and buy their gifts for them. If i had three kids i would draw three names and buy their gifts. It has been working out great!

  • We buy gifts for all our nieces and nephews under 21 and now it great nieces and nephews. With our own kids we buy them one or two gifts and exchange them on Christmas eve and then everything else is from santa.

  • This year is different for us! Since we’re expecting a beautiful baby to join our family at anytime now we’re not going to my grandpas house on Christmas Day like we have every year since I was born! he lives in Saginaw and one MI you can never count on what the weather will be like and I’m not sure I’ll be ready to drive almost 2 hours away with a newborn. But TYPICALLY at my grandpas we only buy gifts for the kids under 18 and my grandpa and his wife buy gifts for everyone. We also celebrate Xmas with my mom and husbands mother (separately of course) and we do a gift exchange with each person from our immediate families. (Both have small immediate families). This year again a little different with both of our immediate families— because of the timing of Babies arrival we are only getting small sentimental gifts and told our families they don’t need to buy us anything but they will still get us something small and buy for the baby 🙂 We are much looking forward to our FIRST Christmas in our new home with our new family— just the three of us! ❤️

  • On Gary’s side we give one $40 gift to each niece and nephew that is under the age of 18. That would be 7. Then we Secret Santa $50. Everyone In his family makes a list.

    My family doesn’t have any rules or specifics, we just give what we can. Except my youngest sister decided to pass out a wishlist this year.

    We definitely feel the Christmas struggle every year!

  • Well I have multiple families- in my immediate family we all buy for each other. With my parents we buy for our parents and kids, my brother and I do not exchange. On my husbands side we buy for Mom and the kids(under 18)but the adults all buy a $25 gift card and put it in an envelope and we do a gift card steal( like the rules of white elephant). My side extended family is does the traditional white elephant for anyone over 12 and we make some type of gift for those under 12. Last year it was a hot chocolate kit on a mason jar decorated like a reindeer.

  • We do buy for my brother and family. The rest we do a Dirty santa game. We draw numbers, grab a gift, the next person can steal or pick a new gift from the center . Everyone leaves with a gift but it might not be the one you wanted 😂 Happy Thanksgiving !! Can’t waitto see your new bundle of joy!!

  • Every year on thanksgiving we put our names on an index card in a bowl with our lists on it. We don’t say who got who, unless someone picks their spouse then we draw again. Then on Christmas we exchange and that’s when we find out who had each other. We all buy for the kids though, no names drawn for them!

  • My family lives in NC so we don’t exchange gifts normally we just exchange gifts when we see them.
    My husband’s family we exchange gifts with his extended family Christmas eve. Then with his parents on Christmas day. We buy gifts for each other from our son since he’s two lol. And of course Santa comes lol

  • That sounds like so much fun. My twins would love swim classes! In our family for the adults we just pick a family to adopt and buy stuff for them but still buy gifts for all the kids cause it’s just so much fun watching them open them on Christmas. My husband and I buy gifts for each other as well.

  • We buy gifts for all of the kids under 18 then play some sort of gift game for the adults. This year we are playing some crazy dice game, but in years past we have done white elephants, just drawing numbers, etc.

  • We buy gifts for everyone! It almost breaks the bank every year but seeing everyone’s face when they open the perfect gift makes it worth it!! <3

  • My family buys for our parents, all the kiddos and my kids buy for their Godparents! I like to spoil everyone!! 💕 🎄

    • I feel the same way <3 Being on unpaid maternity leave this year around the holidays, Adam said we should cut down on our gift giving... but I just cannot do it!

  • Oh Christmas! Such a wonderful time of the year. All the nieces and nephews get gifts. I do my best to keep them under a certain dollar amount. Parents get gifts and of course my LO gets lots of love from Santa and us. Usually for my siblings I make a fun “family” basic according to their family and size. My brother with kids may get a family movie basket while my brother with no kids..yet, may get a Moscow mule basket.
    Christmas is such an amazing time for or family. Happy holiday to yours and thanks for the opportunity!!

  • My husbands family is huge so we draw names. This year with my family we are not exchanging and instead will be adopting a local family from New Haven! Ps… we absolutely love Goldfish! Have been taking my son since he was 7 months old (we go sporadically and he still picks up a ton!) Happy Holidays!

    • So glad you love Goldfish! We enjoy going there so so so much! This is by far my favorite idea so far! I would love to get the info from you to do that next year!

  • I will try again!! We buy for all my brothers and sister 5 of them.. 3 of us have kids! We talked about drawing names but we never did. We open brother and sister gifts on Christmas Eve and gifts from my parents on Christmas Day. We also open youngest to oldest!

  • In our family we buy for everyone and do secret santa. The adults all buy for each other and the kids then we let the kids play secret santa and draw names every year and the kids play a question game after the open presents to figure out who their santa was. We try to engage their connections with their family members so that it isnt just about a cool toy or materialistic things. They get a meaningful gift and imstead of worrying about ripping their gifts all apart immediately after opening they actually forget about the present and focus on which family member put thought and effort into getting them their unique gift. It keeps them thankful and its refreshing to see kids laugh and talk to each other when they could be focused on if they got what they wanted or not. ❤

  • Out of our large family it’s just my family of 3, my brother’s family and my mother that are local so we buy something for everyone.

  • We buy for everyone…. I start shopping after New Years and buy stuff as I see it, so it’s a thoughtful gift….

  • We draw names for the adults and buy gifts for all of the children! It’s always fun to play secret santa amongst the family!

  • Having a large family, we have bought for everyone, drew names, stocking stuffers only, and the kids only bought for the nieces and nephews. Papa and I (more me 🤶), buy for everyone. This year we decided “no toys”, but experiences… Three of the grands asked for swimming lessons (or their parents did). Thank you for an opportunity to win… ❤️🤶

    • What an absolute great gift to give! We love our swim lessons and will continue them for a long time! Thank you and good luck!

  • Great blog! I have heard great things about Goldfish! Our kids would love it there! In our family we draw names with pre written gift ideas on the paper. We have a set dollar limit and the names are supposed to be a secret. Holidays are great fun!

  • We have a few family party’s: we do the dice game (my favorite), sock game (fun!), pick names for secret Santa, and then one party we just buy for the kiddos.

  • I have 15 nieces and nephews and 2 of my own. We draw names ( thank heavens ) we draw depending on the amt of kids u have. In my case I would only have to draw 2 we set a budget each child writes a few items on their card with their name on it and we draw on thanksgiving when we r all together. The parents do the drawing so the kids don’t spill the beans…the kids range in ages from 4 months to 21 years old so it’s super fun when the older ones r trying to figure out who got them. We have 1 sibling who does not have kids and he’s a gem and purchases gifts for all 17 ( bless his heart ) he typically does 1 silly gift to make everyone laugh he’s the jokester of the bunch and 1 that the kids wanted. For us adults we r 6 siblings with 5 of us having spouses or significant others we do an ornament exchange between us. We have done the ornament exchamge for about 3 years now and love it. Can never have enough ornaments anyways. We typically exchange gifts on Christmas eve when we r all together again…we r so looking forward to this year as we have a new little one to add to the group ( he will be just 5 months old ). Hopen u all have a very Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year

  • Our family gets together on Christmas Eve to have dinner and exchange gifts everyone gets a gift for everyone. Small or big! Then a couple days after we all do a white elephant ornament game with the uncles,aunts and cousins from extended family which is really funny lol. My daughter would love to take lessons (it would make me feel better since grandpa lives off the lake). Thank You for the opportunity to win this! Thank you!

  • We do a gift exchange with my side of the family and then for my husbands side we buy presents for everyone. We travel to Ohio for Christmas Day and host Christmas Eve at our house. First year with our daughter!

  • The adults buy a Random present worth $25 and we then pick a number from 1-to however many people. And go in order in either picking a present or stealing a present til the last one has a present.
    The kids pick a name from all the cousins and buy a present for the person they picked.

      • Everyone brings a wrapped unmarked gift. And your name goes in a hat. Names are drawn and you start by the first person drawn gets a gift from the table and opens it in front if everyone than the next person can steal that gift or grab a new one from the table and open it. Once there are multiple open gifts you can steal from anyone. If your gift gets stolen you can steal someone elses or grab new from the table. There can be three steals per round. Once the third gift is stolen then that person has to grab from the table. This continues until all gifts are gone. It gets crazy when people want the same gift.

  • We use to draw names on my husbands side and my side the family for us “adult kids” until all the kids came along. Now we focus only on the kids. We now buy something within a $30 limit for all the nieces and nephews on both sides. When they get older, we have discussed drawing names between the kids. For now, it is fun watching all the excitement when they see the gifts. We always do my side on Christmas Eve and my husbands side on Christmas. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas with family and those they love!

  • Typically we buy for everyone; however, with the family growing, this year we decided to draw names on Thanksgiving for the extended family (grandsons excluded 😁). The three year old loves water and this would be so exciting. Thanks for offering such a great drawing.

  • We buy gifts for the ones we want we don’t pull names unless we are playing secret Santa like we do at work but at home We just buy gifts for anyone of our liking

  • We typically buy gifts for all the kids, grandparents and parents. Recently we have done secret Santa where we draw a name. We both have big families so we still end up buying a lot of gifts.

  • My whole family puts our names in and we each pull a name out and have to buy a gift valued at 20$ or more for that person! Everyone always buts my grandma something weather we picked her name or not! And ofcourse the little kiddies get gifts from everyone also!!

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