A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

Swimming with Mom Vs. Dad

Swimming with Mom Vs. Dad

As you all know, we started swimming classes at Goldfish Swim School in Macomb Twp. about a month ago. We have been thoroughly enjoying the classes every week! So far, Mom has been swimming with Myles every time and either Dad or Grandma have sat on the sidelines to cheer us on.


This past weekend, however, Daddy swam with the little fish!! It was a completely different experience observing than participating and it made me think, what is the difference between moms swimming with their little ones and dads participating in the class.


I asked Ms. Lisa, Myles instructor, what she thought and she had the same thoughts I did so this is the short list we came up with…

1. Moms are perfectionists.

I found myself always wanting our technique to be EXACT! “If I dip him the exact way the instructor shows us, Myles will learn more quickly and effectively” I often found myself thinking about different swim skills.

2. Dads are more lax and accommodating.

As I watched Adam swim with Myles, I noticed him dipping himself under the water but keeping Myles above the water. I would catch Daddy helping him more than Mommy would.

3. Organization is apparently not key.

I talked about “feeding the fish” in my first post about swim school. A comment was made about our class being majority moms and the class ahead of us being mostly dads. When stacking the “fish food” on the ledge, the mom heavy class was stacked nice and neatly, where the primarily dad led class’s foam pieces were scattered everywhere.

4. Better pictures.

Obviously, moms take better photos  😜 The only perk to sitting on the sidelines, other than letting Daddy get some bonding time in with little monster.

5. More attention?

This is totally a joke! Please do not take this seriously LOL I joked with Adam about the instructors being more attentive to them since he was in the pool versus me because he is so good lookin. When going back through my photos, it seemed as though they were in most of the pics. We LOVE all the instructors there so far and they are ALWAYS attentive with everyone! ❤️❤️

Overall, I think we will start alternating who swims with Myles because as stated above, it’s an amazing bonding experience. I haven’t seen a difference in how well he learns with one of us versus the other and he had just as much fun, if not more, swimming with Dad. 
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