A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

A Day in the Life of the Sutton's

To Have a Resolution or to Not Have a Resolution? That is the Question!

To Have a Resolution or to Not Have a Resolution? That is the Question!

There is such a negative connotation that goes along with having a New Year’s resolution. I’m sure everyone has seen the posts on social media making fun of “new year, new me”. Personally, I believe that the word resolution has been so commercialized by the health and fitness industry and financial industry that no one takes it seriously.

We also have to understand that EVERYONE will fail at one point or another. Those who make a New Years resolution to lose weight will end up having a cheat day or two. Stay strong and continue on.

With that being said, the Sutton’s are not going to have any resolutions this year. Instead we are making ourselves some goals, things we would love to accomplish this year.

Our first goal is to get better with our finances. Adam and I sat down together yesterday and went over our income, outgoing money, and debts. We talked about paying off debt, spending less frivolous money, and being more purposeful with saving. We are not great with money, but hopefully this year we will get better!

A goal of mine is to be more active with the kids. Snuggle more. Worry less about my house being clean and more about which accent each of the Paw Patrol figurines has. Life is short and our children are a priority, so we need to treat them as so!

Branching off that, spending more time with Adam is another goal of mine. Unfortunately, my job has caused disconnect in the past. Therefore, I have made the dreaded move to day shift to be with my family everyday instead of once a week. This will allow us to have dinner together every night, family game nights, and bed time routines will be shared. Going to bed at the same time as Adam is something I miss greatly and am so excited to do that again too!!

Probably the most important goal I want to focus on this year is strengthening my relationship with God. I don’t often speak of religion on here or social media but this is something that has become very valuable to me. I want to pray more, read more of my bible, speak to my children more about God. I want to allow the Lord to play a larger role in my life.

Sounds like a lot of goals. I could probably add more in there but there are only 365 days in the year. What are your goals, resolutions, or plans for this year?? We would love to hear about them below!



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